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the author

Kristal Ambrose also known as ‘Kristal Ocean' is an environmental scientist studying marine debris and plastic pollution in The Bahamas. Her career in the environmental field spans over a decade as she has been working diligently on plastic pollution research and education in her country. She is the Founder and Director of Bahamas Plastic Movement (BPM), a non-profit organization geared towards raising awareness and developing solutions to plastic pollution. She has brought awareness of plastic pollution to thousands locally and globally through educational lectures, summer camp programs and citizen science projects and was instrumental in The Bahamas' 2020 single use plastic ban. Kristal has been featured on NPR, The BBC, The Guardian, The Weather Channel, Sierra Club Magazine and Coastal Living Magazine where she was named an Ocean Hero by musician Jack Johnson. She is the recipient of the 2014 Environmental Youth Leader Award from The Government of The Bahamas, 2017 Unsung Hero Award, 2018 International Seakeepers Society NextGen Seakeeper Award and in 2020, she was named the Goldman Environmental Prize Winner for Islands and Island Nations for her work with The Bahamas' single use plastic ban.

the illustrator

Stevie Burrows is a Bahamian based illustrator from Nassau, Bahamas with over twenty years’ experience in digital and comic art. Inspired by his father, renowned Bahamian sculptor and artist Stephen Burrows Sr., he began illustrating at an early age and has since illustrated and published several books, reports and national comics. Stevie beautifully captures the essence of the Bahamian spirit, people, culture, land and seascapes in his artwork, thus bringing characters to life. In his free time, Stevie enjoys drawing for his personal projects and learning to pilot small airplanes.

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